P8P67 Pro problems

Installed Win 7 64 to my SSD boot drive on my i5 2500K/P8P67 Pro rebuild, and promptly lost all my drives when I rebooted. Was unable to boot to Windows, just to BIOS. After clearing CMOS and connecting drives one by one, I was able to see the optical drive when it was connected by itself to the Intel 3Gb SATA port, although it still won't boot from my Windows 7 disk - I get an error message telling me to insert proper boot media. When the SSD is connected I can't see it, and when both the optical drive and the SSD are connected I can't see either one.

Any idea what the problem might be? Judging from various boards I don't seem to be alone with boot/Windows problems on the P8P67 boards.
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  1. Hi.

    Do you have an USB or something like that connected?
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