Dell Studio XPS 16 HDMI output doesn't fill screen

I just bought a new Dell Studio XPS 16 with the ATI Radeon Mobility 4670 video card and HDMI output.

When I connect my TV to my computer via HDMI cable, the image quality is great, but the image doesn't fill the TV screen. On a 46 inch TV, there remains about 1 inch of black space around the image. The image itself is not cropped or anything, it just is a bit too small. I went to Dell customer service and they couldn't find anything wrong. They offered to send me to their paid technical service and I declined.

I have fiddled around with all options I could find in the ATI Catalyst Control Center to no avail.

I've tried this on multiple TVs, so my problem isn't the TV or hdmi cable. I fiddled around with zoom settings on my TV but couldn't fix the problem, either the problem remained or it always zoomed in way too much. And my other HDMI inputs to my TV (PS3, Cable) have no problem filling the TV with the image.

Does anyone know what could be going on? Or, is this just the way it is supposed to be? Thanks!
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  1. This problem is cropping up a lot. I myself hasn't found a way to solve it either, does the TV have a VGA inout?
  2. There is a an option to adjust the scaling in the ATI settings. If you open the advanced ATI control panel right click on the TV display icon. select configure in the drop down menu. On the following screen there should be a tab a the to that says scaling options. The slider is adjusted to underscale by default, adjust it until the output image fills your tv screen.

    This worked for me i know this post is old but i just found it on google. hope this cane help anyone out there with similar troubles.
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