First Build - need a cd/dvd drive- also wondering about Blue-Ray

So its my first build and i know i need a optical drive but i was also wondering if i should get a blue ray drive / if there are any other kinds of drives i should get
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  1. If you wanna watch movies on your PC or hook it up to your TV for HD, then get a Blu Ray. If not stick with the cheapest DVD drive you can find.
  2. ok do you have any Blue Ray players you would suggest
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    Well if you plan on watching movies and transferring large amounts of information (without using an external drive or flash drive, maybe giving someone the disk to keep) then a blue ray drive could be good. For my last build though I decided that it wasn't needed at the moment and if I want to upgrade in the future I can always add one in.
    Here are the drives I'd get.
    For the DVD/CD Burner the cheaper the drive the better.
    I actually put this one in a build a year and a half ago and haven't had a problem with it.
    Secondly if you do get a Blue Ray drive you can decide if you want a burner or just a reader.
  4. alright that will work. thanks
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  6. Your welcome, I'm glad I could help.
  7. If you do buy a blu ray player for your rig you will also need to buy some pretty pricey software to play it not to mention a compatible GPU. Also, I'd be very careful about buying the cheapest of anything as a rule.
  8. yea, im not entirely sure if i will need one but that is something to keep in mind
  9. Most of the Blue Ray players come with free software. The cheapest is best in the CD/DVD burners because they are constantly fluctuating in price. A few days ago one that was $25 (about the average price) is now $18 thus a better deal for the same quality product. I've gotten many through this theology and have yet to have one go bad. Lastly almost every new GPU can support Blue Ray playback.
  10. Your monitor must also support HDCP for bluray playback!
  11. The free bluray software that comes with some drives is useless.
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