New 890FX build rdy to buy

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  1. Looks good, but epic overkill on power supply. A Corsair HX650W is more than enough, but if you don't feel comfortable with 650W, then the HX750W.
  2. Will 750 be enough when I add two 5850's at a later date?

    P.s. I use newegg's wattage calc.
  3. ^ Yes. The Corsair 750 will be enough for 2x 5850s in CrossFire.

    Spend a little more and grab the GSkill Ripjaws. You can also drop down to a X3 for gaming use and save some money.

    WAY too much money on the heat sink. Get a Hyper 212+. If you want silence, spend about a $100-120 more and go water cooling (which is a better investment imo if silence is golden to you).
  4. Ok so 750W PSU, a little bit more money for faster ram, good pick.

    I went to frosty tech and they rated the Noctua NH-D14 as the best one (but ya, a lot of money) I don`t want to mess around with water cooling atm.
  5. ^ It's #2 on the list. But imo, it's over priced.
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