AD5SARPM-E SiI4726 Port Multiplexer, drivers?

Hi, I have been give a fairly makeshift storage array biased around a AD5SARPM-E (with I believe a SiI4726 chip-set) connected to 3*1TB drives It has the master files (rushes) and project files for a feature documentary so the data is fairly impotent:). I am trying to access the data, to back it up and then work on the film.

OK, so my question, what is the safest way of accessing the data. I tried plugin it in to a eSATA port on my Mac (Lion 10.7) but nothing showed up (in finder or Disk Utility). As it is a port multiplier I guess it is SW RAID. I have found drivers at but I don't know which to use and the RAID one give lots of nasty warning about backing up first.

Any advise/insight/thoughts or general words of entrenchment greatly appropriated. I am sure this could of been solved with hindsight but that does not tend to work retrospectively;(.

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  1. A port multiplier can fan out a single SATA connection to up to five SATA devices, but only if the SATA controller port supports port multipliers. Most SATA controllers do not support this, so it simply does not see the drives. EDIT - I am not 100% sure of this any more; port multiplier does require host support but if the device advertises onboard RAID then this support may not be needed. Please enlighten me when you find the answer.

    You can either add a controller card that does support port multipliers or use different hardware. For an example of different hardware, with no endorsement,

    The warnings are correct. If you build a RAID, it will start by wiping all of the data on the drives. If you must have RAID, make backup copies, test the copies, allow RAID to wipe the drives, and build the RAID. Then restore the backup.

    Three suggestions. One, if Lion supports GPT drives, buy a 3 TB drive. Two, buy a prebuilt external RAID device that presents one eSATA port. Three, follow in the footsteps of member firewire2 - no, I'm wrong, that device needs a controller that supports Port Multipliers. Sorry.
  2. I think we have our wires crossed, the point is that I have an existing setup and I am trying to find out how to access it. In terms of making backups etc. ime 100% down with that but I cant access the drives to make one. This is exactly what I am trying to do.

    One thing I am wondering is what happens if I just plug the drives into a normal SATA controler as I think the port multiplier may of died (just a guess).

  3. The multiplier will not have died, it's just that a controller that does not have multiplier capabilities will not see the drives. It's not a required feature of controllers. This is why external port multiplier enclosures are often sold bundled with a controller, so that you will have a controller that can handle port multipliers.
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