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Are there drivers that support GeForce 5500 FX and GeForce2 MX400?

Want the drivers for 5500 for Aero and the MX400 for a dually and since I cannot install 2 separate drivers it makes things quite difficult.
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    This is the last driver that supported MX400 and FX5500 it is a XP 64bit driver (has same driver # for XP 32bit)
  2. Ok, well I tried that driver only the 32 bit version. Ran under WinXP SP2 compatibility and got a BSoD. Safe mode and fixed it, trying to run in SP3 compatibility atm.
  3. Apparently they never made Vista drivers for the MX400
  4. Ya I think I'm SOL. I can get away with installing the XP drivers by running it in compatability for the MX400 but I'm not sure if that's going to effect my performance with the 5500, but ya, I think I'm going to have to trade off the Aero for dual monitor. Small price to pay but I was looking forward to being able to use to the sleek look of 7.

    Would you happen to know of any work around, so that I can install two separate video card drivers?
  5. In win7 you can have both ATI and nvidia drivers at the same time but I have never heard of using 2 different nvidia drivers without having a dual-boot installation.
  6. Alright, well I am planning on upgrading this comp a little bit. Plan on getting a more powerful AGP card just to hold me over for a little bit till I get my big upgrade.

    Thanks for your help.
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  8. Omegadrivers

    Maybe give these a go.
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