HD5850 with antec 500watt

here is my parts list, and everthing has already been ordered! ASRock m3a77ode, am3, amd, 770, crossfire capable mobo,Rosewill black steel/plastic atx mid tower case, GSkill ripjaws ddr3 1600 4gb memory, microsoft windows 7 for builders 64-bit, seagate barracuda 7200 rpm, 32mb cache 750gb hdd,Lite-on 24 dvd w lightscribe support,AMD Phenom 2*4 965 Black edition 3.4ghz quad core 125w,Sapphire Radeon HD5850 1GB 256-BIT DDR5 Graphics card, Antec Earthwatts 500 watt EA-500D, Do you think my power supply is adequate? Thanks for all your help!
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    I'd say so. The HD5850 only uses 153 watts of power (130 realistically), and your CPU uses 125 watts of power. The only other major components are the RAM/HDD, which won't use more'n 50watts.
  2. Yeah, it should be more than fine, even with a hefty overclock.
  3. Speaking of overclock, make sure to get your processor to at least 3.8ghz, which is easily possible with stock cooling.
  4. About how much power consumption for a soundblaster audigy 2 sound card?
  5. Your PSU will handle that sound card too!

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