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Hello, I have to replace ECS L4S5MG/651+ motherboard. After that I have no sound from onboard audio. Looking on player I can see it plays but no sound from speakers. Even modem is not making sound at all. All drivers looks good and working.
Please help.
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  1. Have you enabled controllers in BIOS?
  2. Yes I did.
  3. Everything connected correctly and configured in control panel or sound manager then it could be a bad board.
  4. Well I try to install CMI8738 - 6ch PCI card. Window did recognise it as Multimedia Audio controler, but did not find any driver for it. When I used instalation disk from Cmedia, driver will not load - get stuck and I have to stop process manualy.
    Would there be a problem with PCI buss?
  5. Try installing the drivers in safe mode!
  6. There is no Safe mode on my computer. did finaly downloaded right driver for PCI card but now computer keeps rebooting all the time.
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