5770 crashes in 3d games/apps but not css

like the title says i just got a new xfx 5770 and its crashing every time i try to load 3d apps/games css seems to run fine until you load a graphic intense map like de_nuke. its seems to run windows perfectly found no issues with it, and ive tried both the latest drivers and the stock ones that came with the video card.

my specs are:

e5300 OC to 3.7
2 sticks of 1gb corsair ddr3 1333
xfx 5770
antec earthwatts 430w
asus p5e3 mobo
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  1. Underclock your CPU to 2.6ghz, then try loading anything intensive.
  2. that was a no go, also i forgot to mention i was running win7 ultimate 64bit
  3. Have you installed Direct X 11?
  4. Run a GPU stresstest like Furmark for me, please. And MAKE SURE your CPU is under 2.8ghz.

    Also, download (google) HardWare monitor. This'll allow you to give me your temperatures.
  5. yea dx11 i got comes with windows, and as for the bench marking none of them run they just finish loading and my card crashes and goes back into windows.

    ive got everest running and the temps ave around 40c-50c ive even tried running the apps with a max fan speed and that made no difference.
  6. Underclock the card about 50mhz on the core and 75mhz on the memory.
  7. the ati OC software doesnt let you underclock the mem and my rivatuner is sayin that it doesnt recognize the cards drivers.

    but i did underclock the core and no difference.
  8. Aye aye aye...GPUs crashing only when stressed is a sign of;

    Bad GPU
    Not enough power (which is why I asked you to underclock)
    Bad MOBO/PSU (doubt it)

    I don't know, mate. You have reinstalled drivers?
  9. yup 3-4 times *** is just pissin me off
  10. are you running 10.2 or 10.3 for drivers ?
    if you have anything below this.....your asking for trouble
  11. i started off with the 10.3 then when that didnt work i went to the native but last nite i reinstalled the 10.3 back
  12. The DX 11 you got came with Windows, huh? Have you actually bothered to download and install it, though? Just because Windows 7 comes with Direct X 11 doesn't mean it hasn't been updated. (Which it has since Win7's release.) Download and run dxwebupdate.exe and see if it finds anything missing. I had problems with a fresh install of Win 7 that was unable to do anything in either Direct X 10 or 11 mode and kept causing crashes. Direct X 9 stuff worked fine - only 10 and 11 titles would crash.

    Updating Direct X 11 fixed that.
  13. yea so i googled it and cant find it a link would be nice also if that was the issue the dx9 stuff would be working which it isnt css is working fine (well kinda) but tf2 isnt futuremark06 isnt and cod4 isnt the list goes on.
  14. Go to STEAM -> MY GAMES -> (right click) Properties -> Set Launch Option -> Type "-dxlevel 90" without quotes.

    Try to run game.
  15. yup well tried both those ideas and still nothing
  16. Then I think it's probably safe to say the card is bad. I have an Antec 430 running an overclocked AMD 7850 Kuma and HD4850 system without a hiccup, so I doubt it's power-related.
  17. ^^ yea idk ima take it back to the store and have em test it out on their machines as well as havin them put a high end psu in my box see if that helps.

    also any other ideas would help
  18. Could always try a clean OS install... I know it can suck backing up files and crap, but if you isolate the OS to a single, small partition, it's usually not so bad :)

    At least then you'll know for certain it's not a software-related issue. Of course, testing the card in another machine pretty much leads to the same results.
  19. i could reinstall but it would be a major pain that im quite sure will do nothing, i just ran a game with gpu-z running a log not sure if it will help tho.

    crashes at the 100% mark

  20. solved: i rma'd the card all is good now
  21. Who did you RMA to, the vendor or XFX?
  22. vendor was still in return time thingy
  23. good for you
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