My fathers PC has no sound.

It started while he was trying different speakers, he said the sound stopped working. Device manager shows the card and nothing wrong with it.

I have tried remote assistance, uninstalling the sound drivers, taking the sound card out and trying integrated sound all to no avail.

When the soundcard is in, it reports that there is constant 100% sound on the little meter coming from the "Wave device" even when nothing is supposed to be playing.

When we take out the soundcard I think the integrated is disabled as it does not show up in the playback devices and my father, despite me telling him step by step how to get into the bios simply wont do it so I gave up on that.

He says that when he plugs his mic in and talks it comes out the speakers even while he is on the desktop.

I've tried everything short of a reformat and need some help.
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  1. Does he have an older version of flash installed on it? Awhile back I had an issue with an older version of flash, which somehow remapped the sound card. Take a look at this article:
  2. Here's what I've learned with Windows. When you unplug speakers Windows automatically changes the audio output to another device/output because it thinks you don't need the previous output anymore.

    I'd check the audio section for Windows to ensure which output windows is trying to send the signal to.
  3. It could be any number of things but I think cmcghee is right. What sounds card is it? Realtek soundcards generally ask you what you've plugged in when you plug it in and if you dont select the right thing it doesn't output the sound. if cmcghee's suggestion doesnt work, try the realtek or the app that came with the drivers and see if it registers it as plugged in.
  4. The soundcard is a Diamond Xtreme audio 7.1 card, he says it worked at one time before he swapped speakers, however even when he swapped back to the original speakers and even used headphones he can't get sound.

    The card does not ask what you plugged in when you insert speakers.

    The integrated is realtek HD audio however that may be disabled in the bios and as of right now I can't go over to his house and enable it (if it is infact disabled).

    Something that I feel is wrong is how if you click the windows speaker icon on the bottom right you can see that if you scroll to the right you can see a Wave table device outputting 100% audio which is turn makes the regular speakers say it is constantly outputting 100% sound.

    I will doctor my personal working PC desktop to show you what I mean:

    I know my drawing is terrible but is displays that there is a wave device outputting constant noise... but not. If I mute the wave device sound still does not work.
  5. Unfortunately that site is blocked at my work. :(

    I'll check back when I get home tonight to see if you still need help.
  6. I hate to say it but it sounds like either there is a short or there is something plugged into the input (mic or line in) silly suggestion but are the speakers plugged into the mic input by mistake and it's causing feedback?
  7. A short in what exactly, the soundcard? I'm sure he plugged it into the correct jack, so it's starting to look like Windows is so screwed up it needs a reformat or that the soundcard died.
  8. I'd suggest going over there and doing some intensive tinkering with Windows sound manager stuffs. Seriously, it can really convoluted. They have alot of hidden settings that can jack up your sound output quite easily.
  9. I've been doing remote assistance and have been tinkering with his sound stuff but nothing seems out of the ordinary expect for that wave thing, after all the time we've spent combined on this silly sound issue, I'm considering just going over there and reformatting that sucker.

    He's even done a system restore and nothing.
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