Is this a good deal?

Is this a good combo deal?

Have been looking at some AMD deals and was wondering if this Intel deal here is better than an amd one at the same price around 299?
My system will be mostly used for gaming and already have a GTX 470 and I doubt i'll need to use SLI for the games i play
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  1. Well there is nothing from AMD that would show much gain over an I5 -750 in gaming, and that looks like a really good deal to me.
  2. Hi.

    Seem fine, but with $40 more u can get the same CPU and a better mobo.
  3. Which mobo are you thinking of? I don't really know how well EVGA motherboards are.
  4. EVGA is very solid.

    I'm thinking in this ASUS P7P55D-E Pro
  5. This one is nearly as good and is more future proof and cheaper
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