Reason for HD 5770 price difference?

Ive looked around and can't seem to find an answer... so I figured everyone here could help. Why is this 5770 by Powercolor:

$30 cheaper than this one by Sapphire?

I know Sapphire has a rep fro being a great brand, and I haven't heard as much about Powercolor. Is this difference just a name, or am I overlooking something? Thanks!
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  1. Uhh they've got a different cooler apparently. Dunno how much of difference that makes though
  2. Probably because the Powercolour version's HSF isn't reference and probably cheaper to make than Sapphire's. Also, considering that Sapphire is more well-known and trusted, Powercolour has to sell it cheaper to appeal to the consumer. I'm just supposing.
  3. Powercolor has always been a value brand! Therefore I have two times bought a card from them and both did good.
  4. Just different brands. Pick which ever one you prefer. Check the packaging, sometimes the more expensive cards come with bundled software and games, extras, sometimes it is simply because 1 brand is a little more well know than others. But basically, they must follow the reference design set for by nVidia. What they do not have to follow is the type of cooling, maybe slight differences in clock speeds, or memory speeds. Those are the basics to cover and check before you decide. Powercooler is reputable brand though.
  5. What others have mentioned, also like motherboards, some have higher quality Voltage components, more power phases etc. A extreme example is the higher quality, at least more expensive looking cooler and military grade components used on the Hawk 5770.
    Though the powercolor's design probably has to meet , engineering specs set out in ATI's reference design, with some flexibility. In the past , by any given maker , there have been lemon models pushed out. Buy time decision !
    Powercolor uses Arctic Cooler fans on that model and others, so its not like its 'cheap'.
  6. Oh, and warranty! The warranty on the brands can really be different.
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