XFX XXX 650W vs. Corsair 750TX 750W

Hi! I would just like to know which power supply you would take between XFX XXX 650W and Corsair 750w. They both probably can run two Radeon 5830's, a Phenom II X4 945, 4GB of DDR3, a bunch of fans and two drives, so I don't know which one to take considering that their price are almost the same. What would be your choice?
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  1. Personally if I'm only running HD 5830 CFX then I'd go for the XFX 650W XXX Edition, because I wouldn't need 750W, and the XFX has better cable management as it is modular. If you don't care too much about cable management and are getting them for a similar price, then the TX750W would be a better buy instead.
  2. Either one would be an excellent choice. You can base your choice on which is less expensive or which you like the best.
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    Both are high quality units. However I would go for the CORSAIR TX750. It can deliver even 900W while I wouldn't go with the model from XFX above of its specificated wattage because it can burn itself. Anyway, you have enough room with both PSUs.
  4. I have the tx750 in my rig and it's phenomenal. Corsair makes very good psu's and will run pretty much anything you can throw at it.
  5. I just bought the Corsiar HX 750 watts for $139C at Canada computers and love it. Lots of extra cables. I just put together a new rig and was originally gonna use my old Antec 650 watt truepower, but it didn't have all the cables I needed. My new vidcard (XFX ati 5850) needed 2 PCI-E connectors which it only had one...although the vid card it self did provide some molex cables and such, but heard its recommended to connect them directly to the PSU for better power efficiency. Also the Corsair provided lots of Hd drive bay connectors which my antec didn't. So I basically had some trouble connecting everything (3 hard drives and a cdrom drive in the Haf 932).
  6. I got this one too on yesterday for $100C + $20 MIR. Looks like a very good unit overall.
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  8. Rodney Reynolds from found the HX750 kickass, so I went with the TX750 considering it is pretty much the same unit. :D
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