What is better for nVIDIA 3D Vision , 1 gtx 480 GPU or 2 ???

I'm plannig to have a 3d vision kit and i preordered a EVGA gtx 480 superclocked??? but I'm wondring will the performance be ok with one GPU or do i have to put 2 GPUs ??? and if two in which are will be the difference in performance?? and will the different have a big impact on the nVIDIA 3D Vision???
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  1. the way i understand it, you'll need over 120FPS in a game for the 3dvision to run smooth (60 for each eye), so a second card could be usefull if you want to keep all the settings, AA etc at max.... what monitor were you thinking of using? cause resolution matters alot, 1680x1050 might work just 'fine' with single gpu.
  2. Alienware optx 3d is a full hd monitor....the new one
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    well if you look at the fps numbers from this review, all the really new games wont run fast enough with just one gpu at fullhd with maxed settings.... so idk, might work if you lower the settings a little. Older games wont be a problem, except crysis lol

    would it be too much of a hassle to first try it with just one and then buy a second one if the performance isnt good enough?
  4. so is it a problem if the first one is superclocked and the second is not or the first one is EVGA and the second is different brand but same gtx 480
  5. No they will default to the slower card and run fine together
  6. no problems there, you can allways overclock the other one as well. though if one of the cards has better/worse binned chip or better (ie non-reference) cooler, it might effect the oc capabilities and/or temperatures. But those factory overclocks are usually very modest, shouldn't be too hard to match them with card with reference desing...
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