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Hello, there is a cpu keyboard n a mouse to be sold.
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  1. Hi,
    1. You didn't tell us where you are located or how to contact you other than through this forum.
    2. You didn't tell us where you are willing to ship to and who will cover the shipping charges.
    3. You didn't mention the method of payment.
    4. You say you have a CPU, keyboard and mouse to sell, but then you suddenly mention ram, and a hard drive. Do you mean you are selling a computer not just a CPU?
    5. What is "DD RAM"? If you mean DDR ram, that is simply not possible with an older Cyrix processor and motherboard.

    I am interested. You can PM me your phone number and I will phone you, if you are interested. My offer is as follows:
    You will deliver it to me where I will pay cash to you after inspecting it.
    $10 offer
    I am reasonably paying:
    $5 for an old keyboard and mouse
    $1 for a shitty old case
    $1 for a shitty old power supply
    $1 for the hard drive
    $2 for the CPU, motherboard and ram.
    Of course, since you provided no additional details, or even a photo of the unit, I simply assumed everything was of the lowest quality that was not mentioned.
    Please ensure the system is completely dust free when I purchase it. I live in Ontario, Canada. As I said, PM me your phone number if you are interested and can visit up here.
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