Is HD 5670 worth buying????

I want to buy a new graphic card.I found a new Sapphire HD 5670 512 mb GDDR5 for 70 euros.I have an 400Watt PSU. The Sapphire HD 4670 512 mb GDDR3 version is one option too.Should I buy the HD 4670 for 60 euros, or add 10 euros more for HD 5670???
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  1. Yeah, I'd say it's worth 10 euros more. The card is appropriate for gaming at 1280x1024 and below. If your monitor has a higher native resolution you should probably look for a more powerful card.
  2. I would buy a graphic card with more power,but my motherboard is a big problem and i don't have enough money to buy a new one.This is my current motherboard : . Do you know a better graphic card which my motherboard can support???
  3. HD5670 is a good buy for 10euros over the 4670. Other cards would be 9800GT little bit more powerful or HD4770 even more powerful.
  4. Your motherboard has a PCIEx16 slot. That means you can run any card you want really. The link does say it runs in x8 mode. That means that the most powerful single gpu cards(HD5850/70 & GTX 470/80) will be slightly limited(5% or so) and I would avoid the HD5970 altogether. Beyond that the motherboard shouldn't be an issue.
    What card you should get depends more on things like your CPU, your monitor's native resolution, the strength of you power supply and your budget. Tell us those things and we can tell you what cards you should be looking at.
  5. He has a 400watt PSU (quality unknown)
  6. PSU brend is MSi.I currently have an AMD Sempron Le-1150,but i am looking for the AMD Athlon 64 X2 5000+ BLACK EDITION cause its great for overclocking.I'm using my old 17'' Samsung SyncMaster 793s CRT monitor but I have an 19" LCD as well.My motherboard doesn't support Athlon II or Phenom processors so i don't have much choise.What d you think I should do???I'm also told on one forum that my motherboard won't support newer graphic cards because of the x8 mode... :(
  7. The 5670 performs about equal to a 9800GT or 4830, so 70 Euros is a good buy! It's a great entry level gaming card. :D
  8. No problem running any of the cards suggested on x8. All of them will handle everything fine at 1280x1024 resolution. You should look for a X2 to get more out of it but don't be concentrating on 5000+BE just get 5000 or higher.
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