CPU fan will not turn please help

I just purchased a XigmaTek HDT S1283, and a ASUS M4A78T-E motherboard. When connect the fan from the CPU cooler to the CPU fan 4 pin connector on the mother board the fan does NOT turn. If i plug the same connector into one of the other 3 pin connectors for case fans on the motherboard it turns.

So I am assuming it is the pin layout of the fan connector but anyone else had similar issues? If that is it how do i switch the wires on the connector? I tried sticking a knife in the each of the holes but the wires were not going to come out of the connector.
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  1. Do not play around with it,,if it is that new, and still under warranty just get a replacement,you will be glad you did,no worries...:)
  2. I am actually wondering now if it is working as designed. Since the CPU temp is not high enough for the MB to kick the fan on? My CPU has not gotten over 34c yet.

    Thanks for suggestion though.
  3. It could be working correctly.
    Have you tried running a CPU intensive program to see if the CPU fan starts up?
    Monitor the temps of course.
  4. The fan should work at least at 50% even if the CPU temp is 34C - my CPU fan comes on at startup when the CPU temps are around 27C (my fan is plugged into the mobo)
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