BSOD after expanding RAM

I upgraded my RAM from 4gigs to 8gigs. I bought exact same ram cards I had before (Mushkin DDR2 1000MhZ)
I had 2x2gb kit, I just bought another one.
I put those in and I got BSOD, tried changing ram clock in BIOS...still I get BSOD.I checked them with memtest86+ they work fine they just can't work together
OS: win7/64bit
mobo : Gigabyte N680iSLI DQ6
cpu Intel E6750
gpu GeForce N8800GTS640
psu CM1000W
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  1. try to test 1st your new RAM... pull out your old RAM, then see what will happen.
  2. What is the Mushkin model number of the memory modules? Are both dual-channel kits the same model number?

    When you said "... tried changing ram clock in BIOS ..." are you talking about the Memory Frequency (MHz) setting? What did you set it to?

    What is the DDR2 Voltage Control setting's value set to? If it's at the default value of Normal change it to the operating voltage that Mushkin has specified for those memory modules.

    I don't see any memory timings settings in the BIOS Setup section of the motherboard manual for the GA-N680SLI-DQ6.
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