Lancool PC-K62 vs CM690 II Advanced vs HAF 922

What case should I get?
I like the looks of the K62 and 690 II (Black interior, styling, blue fans) more than the HAF, however I am not sure if the airflow provided by the larger fans makes up for this.
I am also worried about the dust filters on the HAF 922.
I like the tool-less design on the K62 and the window as well.
The CM690II however does have more spaces to put fans than the K62 but a lot more intake than exhaust and not all of them have filters.
It also has a hot swap bay, not sure if I really will use this or not.
However, the K62 and HAF922 have more/larger stock fans than the 690 II and I am not sure if I will add many more fans if any.
If anyone has suggestions for a different case, feel free :)
I was also sort of considering the CM Storm Sniper.
I will be putting a 5870 and a Scythe Mugen 2 Rev.B in the case, possible future crossfire and probably not a 5970.
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    Hello duk3;

    You broke down the differences between them pretty good.
    All three cases have excellent standard cooling & options for improved cooling. All have the room for massive HSFs and the largest GPUs.
    I'm liking what I read in the reviews on the K62 Dragonlord case though. I'd choose K-62 first followed by CM RC-690 II Advanced and HAF 22.
    No matter which you'll choose I think you'll be happy.
  2. I was liking the K62 myself.
    Does anyone who owns these cases have any likes/dislikes with them besides the ones I described?
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  4. I am going with the K-62. Thanks!
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