Corsair AX1200......It's Here

Corsair was kind enough to send their newest PSU out :)
Some quick Key features:
100.4 Amp Single +12V Rail

80 Plus® Gold Efficiency

Outstanding Noise/Ripple and DC Voltage Regulation

Fully Modular Cable System

Zero Voltage Switching / Zero Current Switching Technology

Ultra Low Noise Design

Not too many words as most of you already know what this beast is all about;)

Now let's take a look:D

Now lets open her up.........

Enough cables for ya?:D

haha.....that's a first. Like the touch :sol:
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  1. Got to love all modular :bounce:

    Big Thanks to Mike@Corsair for the support
  2. Damn, you got my hopes up, i thought for a minute that the AX series had arrived at newegg. The Jonnyguru review of the AX1200 has been up for over a month now so its a bit late.
  3. now know JG gets hw for testing way ahead of launch.:)

    Don't let your hopes fall just yet as this is a sign that they will be available VERY soon;)

    So keep your finger on the F5 button at Newegg and smile:D
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