Removing the PCI Expansion slot covers (CM Storm Scout)

Noob quesiton, I know. But, i can't figure out how to remove the PCI expansion slot covers. I take off the clip, but they're in there pretty good. I tried just pulling towards me, like how it usually works, but I can't figure it out.

If you have no idea what i'm talking about, I can provide pictures.
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  1. What computer case are we talking about? Pics might help.
  2. On most cases , the expansion slot covers are held in place by small breakable (bendable) tabs on the top and bottom of the covers. Just grasp them firmly and bend them back and forth until they break away.
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    With mine, I had to use a couple fingers pressed against the inside of the cover and one pushing up, from under the little lip, on the outside of the cover. Then, with a little force, slide/wiggle it out. After you get them out the first time, they'll be easier afterward.
  4. Thanks guys, I figured it out.

    I felt like a retard when i just applied a little more pressure and it popped out :P. Now i just have to figure out where the hell all of the cables coming out of the front of the case go. Shouldn't be too bad though.
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