How can I transfer all of my data

Hello I am purchasing a 3TB hard drive soon (Don't judge me) and I would like to transfer all of my content from my 1TB.
When I say transfer I mean to feel like nothing has changed, all my settings, games media and such are still there.

How would I go about doing this?
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  1. Assuming one is going to replace the other, and it's your boot drive you will need some form of cloning software.

    Search the forums and lots of suggestions for various options will come up some are free some are paid programs.
  2. you will have to use a program to clone the drive correctly.
  3. The drive manufacturer may have software available for download on their website. Western Digital has a version of Acronis true image, Seagate has DiscWizard. Both allow you to clone a hard drive.

    Just got a new hd myself and plan to copy old one to it tonight using Acronis from western digital
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