PLEASE HELP! i keep freezing

I have just bought a brand new PC, Windows 7 64bit, it has 8GB DDR3 ram, GeForce GT 240 1GB graphics card, and everytime i try to play a game my whole computer just freezes and i have to restart my PC. it is really getting to me, can you please help? PS i have up to date drivers.
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  1. How does it freeze ? i mean does it open the game and then freeze or when you click on a game it freezes in windows ?
    Also have you overclocked anything ?
  2. did you overclock you cpu/gpu
  3. whenever i click the .exe for the game the computer will just freeze. like no windows will open, it will just be stuck on on the desktop, and it also makes my computer go really loud. as in the fan seems like it just goes so much faster and louder,

    i havent over clocked anything either.
  4. Did you build yourself or is it a prebuilt with warranty?
  5. see if all your memory sticks(ram) are in same Speed(MHz)

    take a Cpu test and vertify if it is ok.
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