I5-750 OC Question

I have an i5-750 on an Asus P7P55D Pro Motherboard with 4 GB of DDR3 1600 Ram (set at 1333 MHz)

My quesiton is, if I set the base clock to 196, set the CPU at say 17 to get 3.33 GHz

How stable is this gonna be?

I set it there, tried it, and man, was it FAST!

However, didn't know if it was safe for long term usage.

Any help or sugestions on this?

(BTW yes, it's stable temps on a good aftermarket air cooler)
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  1. It depends I mean you gotta make sure that for one your voltages are within limits. The closer to the limits the more "risky" but if temps are fine it should generally be ok. Stability wise only you can tell... go run some tests with Intel Burn Test and Prime95
  2. Use stability testing programs:
    RAM: memtest (8 hours)
    CPU: linx (set it up to use like 2048mb test and run maybe 30 runs), prime95 (8 hours. 24 to be sure) (use both)
    GPU: Furmark
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