Can you feel your CAS Latency?

Going to buy some new RAM tomorrow but i had one question. There is a huge difference in price between CAS latency. 9 is cheaper than 7 and so on. I understand somewhat of what it does but all i care about is whether I can see the difference. Can you really see the difference between 8GB DDR3 at 9 7 or etc? Is it really worth the extra xxx dollars?
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  1. It really is only noticeable when running benchmarking programs. You might get 1 or 2 FPS more in games with really low cas and it might overclock better. You will see no difference in day to day useage.
  2. Agree with the day to day usage comment. If you do tasks that really involve memory then the slower stuff you might "feel". General rule of thumb is each CL timing is worth one speed bump. So CL8 1333 would provide similar results as CL9 1600. If this is a general use and gaming machine then I'd get whatever cheap and reliable set you feel comfortable buying. If you'll be doing picture or video editing and need the speed, faster and lower time ram is for you.
  3. Cool, thanks guys I guess I'll go with 9 i can't afford the 7
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