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I have an asus rampage III formula and i have mushkin redline ridgeback 3x2 6-8-6-24 and i cannot get it to pass a memtest86 or a a linx test to past when running triple channel. It will pass in dual with all six gigs no problem. Any input or advice would be appreciated. Did a bios update and got a new set of ram no other trouble shooting has been attempted. Thanks in advance
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  1. Have you tried memtest on each stick individually? If so and they past could be the board.
  2. after reading your post rolli i tried it and they all pass individually
  3. Is it misbehaving in operation in any way?
  4. whenever stress is put on the ram it restarts or blue screens when in triple channel in dual channel i passed 25 passes of linx no problem
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    Then it is either motherboard or the memory controller on the CPU that will get the suspicion.
    Have you played (relaxed) with timings.
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