Motherboard failure?

Today, I decided to install a new CPU fan. I had to take out the motherboard to install it. Getting the heatsink off the CPU was a little hard because of the thermal paste but the rest of the process went pretty smoothly. After I installed the fan and put everything back in the case I powered up my computer. Everything seemed fine except that my CPU usage was abnormally high when idle. It sat at 30%. I looked up task manager and two svchost.exe processes were taking up the CPU usage. I figured it was probably a hardware problem since i had just installed a CPU fan. I found out the only way to lower the CPU usage to take out the plugs from the audio ports in the back of the case. When I plugged into the audio ports in the front part of the case, everything was normal. Did I mess something up with my motherboard? Or could it be a software or CPU issue?

m4a78t-e mobo
radeon hd 6850 GPU
phenom II x4 965 CPU
hyper 212 plus CPU cooler
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  1. some front audio ports connect to a set of pins that have a jumper on them. You have to choose whether to use the front or rear audio ports; removing the jumper to attach the front case leads for audio could cause all the audio to fail (no sound).
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