Which 24" monitor?

I don't know where to put this.

which is the best 24" monitor for around ~ $200

a few that i looked at:
$219.99 at amazon




do you have anything better ? so far i like both hanns g monitors i posted. Great deals i think
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  1. That 25'' Hans-G is a good buy, as most of them are.

    I've also seen a 26'' Hanns-G floating around for ~$260, in case you want another inch.
  2. i think i found a promo code for the 25" hanns g monitor-dated 24/3 but not sure if it still works
  3. Samsung is generally of a high quality but I'd have no problem going for that 25 or 26inch Hans-G with the price. The response times look great on those things as well (if you game).
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