Installing memory in fx6801

I have 2 new 2GB memory modules to install in the Gateway FX6801. If I install either one, it works. If I install both, the computer gives a nonstop tone when I start it and it doesn't start up.
As far as I can find out, it does not matter which of the 6 slots I put the memory in. Any suggestions.
I have removed all of the previous memory.
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  1. Your system is built for triple channel. To optimize ram you should go with 3 x 2GB sticks and install them where you had the 3 x 1gb sticks.
  2. Thanks, I will get a third stick. I did manage to get the 2x2gb working by putting one in each of the 2 sets of three memory places. Seems like it wants a bank of three filled or 1 slot in each of the 2 banks of 3.
  3. Well, I have the third stick of memory now, but when I install all three matching 2 GB memory sticks into the same three slots that the original 3x1 GB memory was in, I get the continuous beep again when I try to start it up. I tested with just the new stick and it works, so I know all three sticks will work on their own.

    I looked around in the bios settings to see if there was something there that might be limiting the memory in some way, but I didn't see anything that seemed to control the memory. Of course, I don't know what all the settings mean, they just didn't appear to relate to memory.

    The machine is an FX6800-01e to be precise. I don't know if that is any different from the FX6801, but in case it helps someone recognize a problem, I thought I'd mention it.

    The memory is from Crucial and is from their suggested list for this machine.

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