Quadcore runs 2 core only in any games is it real???

hi guys i just want to know if its real that the quad core will run 2 core only in any game but if you use the quadcore in autocad, adobe photoshop, graphics, movie making etc etc it runs the 4 core ... is true or not???

thats all thanks :D :D
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  1. It depends. Many games are not coded to take advantage of more than 1 or 2 cores, but if a game is coded to use all 4 cores, it will (and more modern games are being programmed to take advantage of it).
  2. Like cjl said, some games (mostly new ones) will be able to use more than two cores. Even if it can't, 4 cores will still improve you experience since the PC then has the capacity to do other stuff in the background while you game.
  3. As all ready mentioned, software needs to be programmed to use the additional threads/cores. Most games and programs aren't able to use 4 cores, but those that do show large gains in performance. Even if I didn't run software that can use 4 cores, I would still take a quad core today for it's improved multitasking, I tend to bog dual core processors down causing my pc to be slow.
  4. Unless you're on a really tight budget, it's better to spend the extra $15 for a tricore or an extra $20 for a quadcore which BTW cost less than a hundred $$ these days.

    Most games that came out in the last 2 years and most future games (if not all) will use all 4 cores. Plus, when you pause the game and multitask (rip a CD, etc) , your system won't bog down.
  5. It totally depends on game.. try GTA 4 it will use ur 3 cores fully.......quad core optimized games r rare for now..... but it will change soon.......
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