Dell Precision 450 (New PSU)

Hi I have a Dell Precision 450 work station, it's old but pretty quick and works fine 2 cpus 3.06ghz / 8gb memory.

I just tried to upgrade graphics card to a HIS X1650Pro IceQ and upon the computer being switched on it beeps constantly.

It's a power related issue because my psu is only 350 watts and the recommended power needed by the graphics card is 450 watts.

So I need a new PSU, but I have never needed to by one before, so what do I need to know to buy the correct PSU?

Obviously there is size of the PSU so that it fits in my tower and the connectors to the mother board etc (which leaves me stumped).

Does anyone know of a product ie a link to an Ebay item that would make a good replacement?

And I take it a PSU can be any wattage?

- Thanks
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  1. Here is a good place to start:

    As you probably know, Dell has their own unique motherboards, so you'll need a Dell compatible PSU.

    Yes, the PSU can be any wattage, but I'd recommend getting something 600 watts plus to play it safe.
  2. Do you have any idea if the below would be compatible?

    The item is for the "DELL PRECISION 470" my PC is the "DELL PRECISION 450".

    - Thanks
  3. It probably would be, but there is no guarantee. It looks like the main plug has enough pins/slots to power the motherboard. What sort of additional power does the GPU require?
  4. It simply says on the graphics card that a 450w power supply is recommend esp where a number of others devices are used.
  5. I own a 450 and I tried the 1650 pro with no luck.
    If it is possible to return it then do that.
    I returned mine and bought the XFX Nvidia 7600 GS 256 agp 8x
    If you can get the 7600 GT that is even better.
    The 7000 series is known for low power consumption and the 7600GS runs in my system with
    two dvd-rw 2 ide hd's 1 scsi drive 1 creative audigy sound card and 3 extra fans with no glitches so far and I ran torture test benchmarks to make sure.
    The 7600 gs is equal to a 1650 pro and the 7600 gt will blow it away.
    I love my "Ol' Beast". My friends with lower level dual cores are amazed by it.
    I run Left 4 Dead 2 at high settings (1280 x 800 2xaa 2xaf) with no glitch same with
    Far Cry 2.
    It is also a beast at encoding video with Handbrake and DvdFlick,
    Good Luck
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