Asus P67 Pro work with GTX 580 sli?


I was gonna get 6950 crossfire but I was thinking instead of just getting a single gtx 580 and maybe later on getting a second. But I don't know if this motherboard is sli compatable. If it is, can someone recommend a good psu for sli 580's since I may add a second one down the road.
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  1. The P8P67 pro is SLI capable yup.

    +1 to 6950 Crossifre (since I'm presuming an overclocked 2500k/2600k, and high res 1900x1080+)

    (worth the extra 100$ over a single gtx 580, also the buy one now buy one later logic never works out because most likely by the time you need the second you'd be better off selling the first card second hand and buying the next gen single cards)

    Corsair HX-850 for 6950 Crossfire and probably also for GTX 580 SLI (depending on overclocking, HDDs and other devices)
  2. Personally though i'd be grabbing 2x 6850s, which outperforms the GTX580 and saves you a load of $$$

    2x these for 320$ after rebates;

    Will also let you get a cheaper PSU like;
    for 120$ after rebates
  3. how many more fps can I expect from 2 6850s vs 2 6950s say in games like crysis and metro and other games with good graphics.
  4. and since this motherboard runs at 8x 8x pci express lanes would going with a single gtx 580 benifit from this over crossfire?
  5. 8x8x has next to no effect on cards. Even for high end cards like the gtx580 we're talking about a 5% loss over 16x16x.

    (I'm running that motherboard with 6870s in crossfire)

    Have a read through this review, has all the comparisons you'll need :)
  6. the chart says 79 fps *this may be max?* in crysis frames per second, but all the videos I see are in low 40's to 50's with dual 6870's. Is this true for you>?
  7. That graph is at Gamer Quality with 2AA not Enthusiast.

    1920x1200 4xAA Enthusiast is averaging mid 50s, with max of about 75fps min about 40, for me with crossfire 6870s.

    PS. Psycho - 6850s in crossfire actually outperform the 5850s though due to much better scaling.
  8. Did 10.12 bring 5XXX series scaling in line with 6XXX?
  9. While twin 570's will work fine on a decent 850 watter, twin 580's is a bit too much. Here's some data to compare the options based upon benchies from guru3d, hardwareheaven and benchmarkreviews

    Total FPS (3 sites combined) single card

    570 - 1696.2
    580 - 1913.3
    6970 - 1570.4

    Total FPS single card / SLI (Guru3D)

    570 - 524/873
    580 - 616/953
    6950 - 479/751
    6970 - 526/825

    Note that the 6970 gets a 0.3 % win over the 570 as a single card but 570's in SLI take it from 6870's in Xfire by 5.8%

    Here's some recommended 850 watters:

    For comparison purposes , the list below contains performance ratings (10 scale) at / prices as per newegg on 01/13/2011 and ones w/ double asterisks (**) made it onto's Editor's Choice List meaning they excelled at both electronic and acoustic performance:

    Antec SG-850 - 10.0 ($250) **
    Antec CP-850 - 10.0 ($120) **
    XFX 850W Black Edition 10.0 ($110)
    Corsair HX850 850W - 10.0 ($150)
    Corsair AX850 850W - 9.5 ($150)

    If ya go with twin 580's recommended PSU's include:

    Antec CP-1000 - 9.5 ($150)
    Corsair AX1200- 10.0 ($260)
    Silverstone ST1500 - 10.0 ($380)
    Antec High Current Pro 1200W - 9.5 ($310)
    Antec TPQ1200 - 9.0 ($210)

    Twin 570's will get ya 54 fps in the most demanding game (Metro 2033) in the Guru3d tests whereas twin 580's gets ya 65. Given that, I find most of the peeps I build for go for the twin 570's .....the 580's being a 42% cost increase for a 20% improvement. By comparison, the 6950 and 6970 hit 50 and 56 fps in X-fire on Metro.
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