4GB DDR3-1600 vs 8GB DDR3-1333/1600?

I'm currently planning a Socket 1155 build (I might post a thread on that later), and I can't decide which of the options above I should go for. I want a RAM kit for no more than around $100. A 4GB Ripjaws-X 1600MHz kit from G.Skill costs only $89 whereas an 8GB kit that has a lower speed of 1333MHz costs $109. Alternatively, an 8GB Ripjaws-X kit with a speed of 1600MHz costs $159. I don't really understand how large of an impact the clock speed has on RAM performance. From what I've heard, there isn't even a 1% difference in gaming between 1333 and 1600. I also heard that the clock speed affects the "overclockability" of the CPU. I am definitely planning to push my i5-2500K over 4GHz, and plan to play lots of games (GTX 460 SLI) and do a fair amount of multitasking. Which of the 3 RAM options will give me the best value for the money? I am on a tight budget as far as RAM is concerned and would appreciate any help given. Thanks!
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  1. I'm planning on getting an ASUS P8P67 PRO. Is that a good board? And also, would 8GB of DDR3-1333 be better than 4GB of DDR3-2000?
  2. 8GB is not going to improve game performance compared to 4GB much if at all. 8GB mainly helps with things little video and photo editing, CAD, etc.
  3. extra memory is no harm and general use does come into play

    the difference in 1333 and 1600 is next to nothing, if anything only for overclocking but even then these days with unlocked cpus no big deal

    im currently using 8gb of ram in my rig, next rig ill be going 16gb << POWER USER :D dont tell people 8gb is overkill, i see it gone in no time the way i use my system
  4. So will 8GB be worth the extra price for gaming/multitasking?
  5. If I want to overclock my i5-2500K will I need 1600?
  6. And how about about 6GB (2x3GB)?
  7. Cs342 said:
    If I want to overclock my i5-2500K will I need 1600?

    No. I run 8GB of 1333 in my ASus Pro and a 2500K. It will fly faster than I want to if I let it. The thing to watch from what I understand is the RAM voltage. For more on this issue, I posted about this in another thread and it has been debated a fair bit on this site all week.
  8. Cs342 said:
    And how about about 6GB (2x3GB)?

    Buy a matched pair of 1.5v 1333 or 1600 Mhz RAM in sizes 2x2Gb or 2x4Gb.

    Remember to put them in slots A2 and B2. Not A1 and B1. (If you want a stable system).

  9. AH ok.... so I guess the big question is 4GB vs 8GB...
  10. Quote:
    1.58v is the max IMC voltage you want to run

    What's IMC?
  11. Would he not want to use triple channel memory? If not why not? (i'm a newB) :)
  12. wow thanks so much for you're help!!! now I understand everything!
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