BDXL blu ray burner or not

I read online about this new type of blu rays: BDXL which allows a single disk to hold up to 100 GB or 128 GB. Also, it will be incompatible with previous blu ray players/burners.

If I am buying a blu ray burner right now, should I spend extra and buy one with BDXL capability or not?

Also, does anyone know of any plans to launch blu ray movies on BDXL discs?

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    You can buy an internal BDXL burner for $70, so they're not that expensive.

    One blank 100GB BDXL disk costs $80 on
    A 5-pack 100GB costs $255 here:

    I searched and couldn't find any 128GB blank disks. I'm sure when they're available for sale they will be even higher than the 100GB disks.

    I doubt there will ever be movies released on BDXL disks. :D
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