Can I install new windows without the graphic card installed ??

Hi, I have every thing ready for my new build eccept for my graphic card, so I was wondering if it is possible to start up the system and install the windows then when i have my video card I install it and install its drivers ????
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    Depends on if your motherboard has integrated graphics or not.

    If your mobo does have integrated graphics, yes, you can set up without the video card.

    If it doesn't have integrated graphics, you can't...because you'll have no video output at all.

    Let us know what motherboard you have, if you aren't able to tell if there's a video output on the motherboard or not.
  2. this is my motherboard: Asus P6X58D Premium X58
    and i am waiting for my GTX 480 ????
  3. The way it is now with your motherboart not having onboard graphics or a video card, there's no way on "your" system to install windows because there's no output to a screen.

    But you can take your hard drive and install windows on it if you had a different system and then take the hard drive back out and wait for your GTX.
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  5. As far as Island boy's comment, don't do that. Best to do a clean install on the system it will be installed on for best performance.
  6. You can install the graphics card later, it doesn't matter.
    And don't do the install OS on a different comp and put it back into your new system. You'll run into issues with that.
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