hi my 516k connection is very hit and miss, some times its grate and some times its far from it!! i think it has some thing to do with Zone alarm 5.1 suite, but its running on it lowest setting with out turning the fire wall off??
any ideas on what i can do???
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  1. If that is a cable connection and you are in a very populated area then you can usually expect to have that sort of fluctuation. Cable is shared bandwidth so if more people around you have it/use it yours will be slower.
    I'm not saying for sure that is the case but it is a possiblilty.

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  2. The .PC;
    zoom adsl usb modem
    M.board: Chaintech 7NJS ultra zenith + latest nforce drivers
    Amd 2200
    G.card: Gforce3 ti200 128mb “inno 3d”{recently died}
    new today GeForce fx 5700 le 128mb
    RivaTurner, “500/220mhz”, NOW 500/315 MHZ
    + clock feq acc, “High”, fake ddr workaround, “forced on”
    Nivdia 61.77 driver
    768DDR ram
    S.card: Audigy player 5.1 +UPDATES
    Lian Lie.
  3. I did a little forum surfing and it seems that is a wide spread problem with ZA 5.1. The common fix has been to fall back on a previous version (4.5) but that is kinda stupid if you paid for version 5.1. There might be a fix with the latest release: <A HREF="http://download.zonelabs.com/bin/free/information/znalm/zaReleaseHistory.html#5.1.011" target="_new">ZoneAlarm release 5.1.011</A>
    Someone somewhere might have found a different fix. Try looking through or posting in broadband forums like <A HREF="http://www.dslreports.com/forum" target="_new">DSL Reports Forums</A> or the <A HREF="http://forum.zonelabs.org/zonelabs" target="_new">Zone Labs Forum</A>

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  4. Wow thanks alot for your time, i have see the difference between the versions
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