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Fully un-installing a program

I was having alot of trouble with one of the software programs I downloaded and I had to uninstall it. I went to computer then did un-install program and it did its thing. It then gave me a message that in order to fully un-install this program you must restart your you want to restart it now. I clicked no by accident. What I wanted to know is will it automatically do it's final uninstall on the next boot or will it just leave traces of the program in the registry key?
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  1. It will get taken care of on the next reboot. You never have to reboot when it asks you to, but it won't fully complete the process until after you have rebooted your machine.

    You should be fine.
  2. OK good. The software might have been carrying a virus so I want to make sure its gone...every trace of it.
  3. you can try a 3rd party uninstaller like revo uninstaller(free ver.) to uninstall programs. revo uninstaller offers more flexibility and wider search options than windows' own uninstaller and takes out most of the remnants the programs leave behind. make sure you set uninstaller options right, read the tutorials if you can.
  4. Use this to get rid off the pest, and run #1 and #2, just there is nothing else in hiding.
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    it will be taken care of the next time you re-boot. Also use revo uninstaller to get rid of all traces of the program.
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