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yea , I've had my SSD for about 4 days now and couldnt help but notice that it stutters at random time of the day not as often but just when every im just trying to run other things as once at times . And i cant really understand why is does this ? other then it maybe being my I3 2100 ? or my RAM 4g dd3 133/1066? or it just be my motherboard it self H61M-P23 (B3). and make thing easy I do have my bio set to AHCI and i do have 28% space on my SSD for my OS.

so yea just kinda want to gather some info on this SSD and figure what is next i need to buy for my computer.
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  1. I had stuttering issues when I got my 1st SSD. Turned out it was due to my graphics card drivers. Don't know if that's what's causing your problems but it's worth a shot to check.

    Also, make sure your SSD has the latest firmware installed.
  2. hmmm well iam running 460 evga, but i dont know if is that my downfall .... ahh yes my firmware is up to date 2.22 made sure of that
  3. How is your power options? Is it never turned off? or on a timer?

    Make sure your SSD is never turned off.
  4. ooo i have it set to 0 . is that how it should be ?
  5. yes, zero means never shut off
  6. ahh okay . so could it be my RAM thats is bottle necking my SSD ? or my SSD running in sata 3.0? or is it really my GPU ? i dont understand why my GPU would be the cause of this.
  7. Stuttering is a completely different issue, SATA 3.0 can't make your SSD stutter. You should look in task manager and see what thing may cause your computer to stutter. Look for any CPU spikes.
  8. hmmm Ive check that but then again i dont have programs that are high usage of ram tho . My CPU doesnt seem to be the problem but i think it is my memory tho . is there a program that i can run testes ?
  9. Here you can try this:
  10. ahh thanks .

    hmmm is there a benchmark or a tester that can kinda point out my bottle-necking is coming form with in my computer
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