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Hello,My desktop has a SATA 1 HD.It is also in a mess so I want a clean installation. I can buy a Sata 2 HD at twice or more capacity for peanuts but can I plug and play it? That is the Question.
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  1. This will be specific to your motherboard, but most newer boards support SATAII
  2. SATA is backwards compatible. It will work fine.
  3. Yea it will work.. but only at 1.5gb/s max lol :)
  4. needsumhelplol said:
    Yea it will work.. but only at 1.5gb/s max lol :)

    Show me a 7200RPM drive that can max that out......SATA I, II or III. Only matters for SSDs.
  5. Actually the new 500GB per platter drives can hit 150MB max. Sustained is around 120-130. Give it some overhead and I wouldn't want to run one of them on a SATAI port.
  6. Either the motherboard will be able to use a SATA II drive without any intervention, but only at SATA I speeds;

    or you will have to set jumpers on the drive to SATA I. The manual with the drive will show you how/where.

    I don't know how to tell if a mobo will or will not...
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