Disk error read occurred on xp during start system

dear , i took a another hard disk after replace in warranty n installed Xp3 O.S. when i use mostaly .system not open in one time. bt after using one months , when i start my system then facing a problem "Disk error read occure".so plz suggest me .
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  1. Please answer a few questions so we can better help you:
    1. What make, model and type is your computer? (laptop or PC?)
    2. Can it boot all the way and logon at all?
    3. Does it only get to the disk error screen everytime?
    4. How far in seconds into the boot before the disk error comes up?
    5. Do you have the Windows installation CD?

    It could be the Hard Drive is not firmly connected, not propperly configured, or the disc surface may have damaged sectors and/or file system errors.

    So you should check the hard drive connection: If a laptop check that the hard drive is all the way in, or if a PC, check that the digital connections are firmly connected on both, the Hard Drive and on the motherboard. If connections are ok, if you have the CD installation disc, you can run a chkdsk to repair bad hard disc sectors & file system errors.

    Running CHKDSK from the Windows CD
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