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Hello,I bought a second hand Laptop for my sister in Nairobi, I live in Germany, suddenly it started to overheat and could not work for more than one hour.The self styled technicians there clain its the CPU. Now it has stopped functioning.I wonder if it was ok but started slowly going down making a lot of noice if it was really CPU or CPU Cooler or both? andcan anyone advise me whattodo or where in Nairobi can I tell my Sister to go for the technical check andisit really worth? Please help.

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  1. Those notebooks have Pentium 4s which do run pretty hot. You could try opening up the notebook and cleaning out the vents and see if that helps.
  2. As for Nairobi I can confirm noone there knows what there talking about when it comes to computers. As for a fix try running it with the keyboard out (but still attached) and look to see if the fans are spinning, it also helps airflow.
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