Asus p8p67 Pro or Evo?

Hello,I am about to begin building my new system based around the i5 2500k and I am planning on overclocking it to about 4.5ghz.I am waiting for the GTX560 and would like a motherboard that is sli compatable in case I want to throw another one in at some point in the future but i will not begin with a dual card setup. I am keen on getting one of the new Asus boards but cannot decide between the Asus p8p67 Pro or Evo... and the deluxe is out of my budget. Which should I buy? or does anyone recommend any other brands?
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  1. I would go with the pro. Very little difference except the second Lan on the EVO|13-131-682^13-131-682-TS%2C13-131-695^13-131-695-TS
  2. Good article ->

    Unless you're a LAN Part guy the ASUS P8P67 PRO. I like the ASUS, good choice.
  3. OK, I think i'll settle for the Pro then, but something I just noticed was that the Evo has a 3rd heatsink around the CPU socket. Does anyone know what that is for?
  4. That's just an extra set of fins for extra northbridge cooling. They're connected by the curved heat tube visible between them.
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