New style computer buid

Hello !

I need a couple of opinoins about this home build computer.
What do you think ? Is sexy? Is hot ? Is big ? :cry:
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  1. To temeonline, this is what you were saying there, right?

    Hello !
    I build this computer,and i need a feedback about it.
    Have two water systems,one for CPU and one for Motherboard and memory.(two of four).
    12 fan x 120mm-3 on radiator and another nine on computer case 3x3x3.I will upload some pictures later with this .
    2 source power (one for fans and one for system)-one is integrated in mini case in right,near the cars .
    One of water system is build in cooper bars.Cpu have 33 degrees,and water 27 degrees.(see senzor on top left,the blue one). "

    I think it is odd style indeed. But what is the point?
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