My New PC im getting soon :D

Here's The Specs:
EVGA GTX 465 1024MB
6GB Corsair Dominators @ 1333MHz
Intel Core i7 930
Win 7 Ultimate 64

Now. Will it run MW2, Crysis, and COD4 at 65+FPS?
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  1. You can't mention COD4/MW2 and Crysis in the same breath. Heck, I can run MW2 at full detail on 1680x1050 on a three-year old Athlon X2 rig with a 9800GTX.

    Crysis is MUCH more intensive. You should get very playable framerates though, depending on resolution/settings of course.
  2. um 25 fps? what if i have 17 in monitor though and can only go to 1440x900?
  3. You might get up to 30~35FPS - or even more if you turn the graphics setting lower. Very High quality settings shown here.

  4. CoD/MW2; you should be able to match that with an easy overclock on the i7 930.

  5. How would it play if i got SLI 260s?
  6. iRelapse said:
    How would it play if i got SLI 260s?

    Why go back to older technology?
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