Windows 7 only show 1 07gb memory usable

When I go to Computer properties I notice 4GB Ram installed (1.07GB Ram Usable). Am I using 4GB and why is it displayed like this?
Thank you
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  1. Windows 7 32 bit or 64bit? It will affect how much ram is available. Windows and other programs running on the process line use memory.
  2. 64Bit more info.... AMD Athlon 64 x2 Dual Core ..4200+ Windows 7 Ultimate
  3. 64 bit then it is not the 32bit limitation. Shut of some of the processes that you are running and you should see available memory increase.
  4. It does not seem to be the processes. I look in task manager and it shows only 1GB of physical memory although Windows properties and BIOS shows 4GB. I have limited the processes running. Windows issue?
  5. Here's a way-out idea. Are you using integrated graphics, which may grab some of your memory (but 3 GB would be ridiculous)? Is anything installing a RAM disk? Are you running a database server?
  6. I have not created any RAM disks and the video is not integrated. I will say this- I would be surprised if the performance is really based on 1 GB. I haven't noticed any sluggish processing. I would still like to know if I can get better performance and if I am utilizing all of my memory capabilities. Is this a mis information thing. I will run diags sometime today....results to follow. Thank you for your inputs so far..................
  7. Fixed: msconfig----->Boot (tab) ---->advanced options------->uncheck Maximum Memory---->Reboot
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