Gaming system 4 $1100 ! need help plz!

Hi all im wantin 2 build a new gaming system 4 $1100 and no more a not really gd at picking all the parts but i was hoping to get an intel cpu (hopefully an i7)& definitely an ATI 5850 th rest is really hard 4 me to pick coz i dont know wat to do !

i hav done sum of research on the cpu's (i7 930 & 860) and sum (the new USB 3.0 gigabyte _P55A UD3,P55A UD4 and UD3R) motherboards but hav no idea wat the difference is. ive looked at sum cases such as the HAF 922 , LANcool PCK-62 , coolermaster RC-690, but i dont really know which one is better.

im am not really fussed about the the motherboard, RAM , optical drive(i dont really need an optical drive) PSU and case however i would like a clear side window for the case coz i would like to see the inside of the computer. The CPU , i would like to be an i7(anyone- but gd 4 gaming and Photoshop, video editing) and the video card -ATI's 5850 is a must hav but i am open to suggestion . i hav windows 7 already . Thanks very very much 4 ur help ! :)


SYSTEM USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: gaming, surfing the internet, watching movies, dreamweaver, photoshop

PARTS NOT REQUIRED: keyboard, mouse, monitor, speakers, OS , optical drive

PARTS REQUIRED: CPU , motherboard, RAM, PSU,graphics card, case , hard drive

PREFERRED WEBSITE(S) FOR PARTS: - i dont hav a crdit card and stuff like that ... i'd like a physical store if possible

PARTS PREFERENCES: ATI 5850, intel i7- if possible or an i5

OVERCLOCKING: yes but when the hardware starts to get old , so not now but ins a few years SLI OR CROSSFIRE: no


ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: 4 the case i would like to hav a side window in it to see inside the computer .
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  1. ohh thanks alot flyboy86!!
  2. Something you might want to consider is adding a monitor to your list. Your current resolution is very low. The 5850 is overkill for your resolution. You might consider going for an AMD build instead. Here is an example
    spend 800-900 on the system a 200 on a monitor. These are somethings to consider.
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    Here are some tips for choosing your parts. If you could go to a local store and price some of these items out it would let us get an idea of the price difference you are working with.

    Case: Either an antec 902 or a Cooler Master HAF 922 (90-120)

    PSU: Antec, Seasonic, and Corsair are all very good. A 500-600 Watt PSU is more than enough for your needs. A modular PSU means less clutter inside your case.

    Hard drive: Either a Samsung Spinpoint F3 or a Seagate Barracuda 7200.12 would be the best, and they come in a variety of sizes.

    Video: if you want a 5850 than any Manufacturer would be fine. I like XFX just because they have lifetime warranties. This is only if you get a different monitor, 1920x1200 or 1920x1080.

    If you want to stick with your current monitor than a 5750 should be just fine

    dvd burner: anyone will do.
  4. ohhhhh thanks alot again flyboy86..i just checked my monitor resolution again and found out it is actually this still ok 4 the 5750?
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  6. Here are some benchmarks from tom's,2446-2.html

    It really depends on what games you play. Newer games like the ones from the link will tax a gfx card pretty good. If you plan on getting a higher resolution monitor later on than get a better card now if you can work it into your budget.
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