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I have this Seagate Expansion Portable Drive 320GB at work. It was working fine until my co-worker unplugged its USB from the computer without safely removing it. When I plugged it back in the computer, the computer cannot detect it anymore. If it did, it would just show "Local Disk (F)" as opposed to "Seagate (F)" before. When I try to double-click on the drive, it would say that the drive is not formatted.

The files in the drive is important as this is the archive of what our department has done for the past years. How can I repair the drive without formatting? If the drive is not repairable without formatting it, how can I recover the files before reformatting?

Desperately need help in this.
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  1. The drive was probably still finishing writing a file and the MBR was corrupted by the disconnection.

    There are a number of things that could work.

    If it shows up in disk management you can often just assign it a drive letter.

    If it shows up in disk management and you can't just give it a drive letter, open the command prompt box
    type in chkdsk #: /R (where your problem drive letter is #)
    let chkdsk repair the damage

    Another that sometimes works is Go to My Computer, right click Properties
    select the Hardware tab, select Device Manager, find your external hard drive (USB mass storage device), if it has a red X, then click the drive and select to enable it. Sometimes it seems that you may need to uninstall the drive and then restart and that will repair it.

    If you can't seem to get it recognized with the above, then MBR Recovery is a useful tool:
  2. Thank you Realbeast. I'll give it a try. I'll let you know if it worked.
  3. Quote:

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    That's total nonsense, he certainly should not format the drive. Quit trying to peddle your lousy software by lying.
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