Saving Files From A Failing Hard Drive

Hello there.

I had problems with my main Hard Drive failing.

The main goal is to save the files, since I realize it's not likely I can save the disk.
I though about the option of putting some Linux live CD and copying the files that are still intact to another portable Hard Drive.
The question is: should I try and recover the hard drive/files with some kind software before I do that? maybe that way I can get more file in proper condition? and if yes, what software would you recommend?
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  1. How did you know that it is already failing? Can you still access the files in the drive?
  2. This disk had the OS on it(WinXP) and one day it started freezing all of the sudden and sometimes just crash during the windows loading screen etc.

    I tried formatting and reinstalling windows and after a day it started all over again.
  3. I see. That might be a clear sign of a failing hard drive. Have you checked the S.M.A.R.T. status? I also got this problem last month and I checked my drive status and it is already set as bad. Then I copied all my the important files to an external HDD / separate HDD.
  4. Yeah, that's what I figured. but what recovery software should I use? or it doesn't matter and I should just copy the files right away?
  5. a lil' off topic don't you think?
  6. If you still can access the files then just copy them to an external drive. No need for recovery software.
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