Dimension 4500, Op GX 260

Ive got an two older dells. One a dim 4500 running 1.5 gig ram, 320g hdd, p4 2.4ghz 533fsb. I was running an ati radx1300 256ram apg 4x/8x vid card before it fried. The op gx 260 is running 1.0 gig ram, 160g hdd, p4 2.8ghz 533fsb. Using onboard vid card.

I know both of the systems are old but still do what i need them to do so no real need to upgrade to a whole new system as of yet. I was looking into getting a APG 4x/8x vid card with 512 ram on it to pretty much max out the system that I have.

My question to you guys, is which system is worth doing it too. The dim 4500 full case, or the op gx 260 mid case.

Other question i had is what kind of power supply would i need to look into for either to run the APG 4x/8x vid card 512 ram. I would like an ATI but am not all that picky.

Thanks for you time and look forward to the replies.
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    The best AGP graphics car out there is the Radeon HD 4650, found online and in stores like MicroCenter. Not sure what you mean by the op gx 260, could only find the graphics card, I'd say give up on the Dimension the Dell site says it supports up to AGP 4x, which is too slow even for the already bottlenecked 4650.
  2. Thanks for the info the op= Dell OptiPlex GX260. The radeon HD 4650 is a 1g ram pcie. At most in either one of my dell's it would be APG x4.

    I was running a radeon x1300 256 ram on the 4500 till the fan broke and the card over heated and fried. The only other card i had laying around was a 32m ram radeon 7500. Lol let me tell you it sucks.

    I know both system that i have are old like i said just trying to squeeze out a another year or two on them. There mainly used for web veiwing, youtube, and light gaming.

    Again thanks for the imput and look forward to anyone else replys.
  3. It would work for your pcs, just make sure the power supplies can handle it, and for your task it should be enough.
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  5. Thanks for the info mister g
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