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Hi all,

I built my PC almost 4 years ago now and it has been an absolute trooper, but is starting to show its age a little bit in some games and applications. I mainly use it for gaming and some 3D modelling. All components are stock with no OC'ing, specs as follows:

Intel e6300 C2D
Asrock conroexfire-esata2 Motherboard -
Radeon x1950XT 256 Graphics card
2 gig DDR2 667 ram
couple of harddrives on SATA2
Decent 700w PSU
Running Windows 7 professional

Just got me some more ram (2 gig) for the bargain price of £30, so hopefully that will help. Question is, what is worth upgrading here and what do you reckon is the bottle neck? Cheaper the better really.

Was looking at putting an E6600 in, and maybe a radeon HD 4860 card.

Your thoughts appreciated!
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  1. Forgot to say, running through a 22 inch samsung monitor at 1600x1050
  2. Don't know as much on intels, maybe overclock the current chip. Perhaps pick up a 5770 or 5830 for video upgrade. But for gaming, I think the video card is the biggest killer. Upgrade that and if you can oc it a little, I think that rig would probably scream.
  3. +1. The cheapest option would be to OC that 6300, and drop a new GPU in there. It depends on your budget of course, but a 5770 and an AC Freezer 7 could both be had for >200 bucks.
  4. Only thing I think though, because I looked up some quick benchies, and that cpu does not look much faster than say an older athlon x2 even when overclocked to 2.5 ghz, will that bottleneck him at all do you think?
  5. If he can get the clockrate up past 3.2 or so, I don't think so. It still won't be a beast by any means, but should be liveable.
  6. Well I've just brought a C2D E6600 for a mighty £50, and a Radeon HD 4850 for £55. bargain!

    However I have never overclocked anything before. If I want to overclock the E6600 am I going to have to get a beefier fan than the basic intel one? Also any good guides floating about?
  7. There is a great guide on TH,

    Most E's can clock quite high, but I would definitely recommend an aftermarket cooler. The stocks do the job of cooling a stock chip, but they're not much good after that. Depending on what type of OC you're going for and you budget, there are a number of great aftermarkets out there. I use an AC Freezer 7 on my Q6600 @ 3.4Ghz, and it keeps my temps under 60C, and it's cheap.
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